data partition missing

Predrag Punosevac punosevac72 at
Fri Jun 27 19:24:08 PDT 2014

Justin Sherrill <justin at> wrote:

> On Thu, Jun 26, 2014 at 12:43 PM, Predrag Punosevac
> <punosevac72 at> wrote:
> > Did I screw up anything during the installation and what is the correct
> > way to mount /data from /etc/fstab?
> Usually you mount the Hammer volume, and then create null mounts for
> the various PFSs on the disk.  Though in this case, you only really
> want one PFS.  I have a second disk I hammer-stream to, and it's
> mounted like this:
> /dev/ad4s0a     /slave      hammer  rw  0   0
> /slave/pfs/slavehome    /slave/slavehome    null    rw  0   0
> /slave/pfs/slavevar    /slave/slavevar    null    rw  0   0
> /slave/pfs/slaveusr    /slave/slaveusr    null    rw  0   0
> /slave/pfs/slaveslash    /slave/slaveslash    null    rw  0   0
> So, maybe you want to 'mount /dev/da0s1e /data' and then mount_null
> some pfs under that so that you can assign per-pfs policies on
> snapshots, etc.  I'm not sure what will work for you... or that my
> scheme is the right way to go.

I ended up doing this for now after receiving similar suggestion by a
private e-mail

/dev/da0s1e             /data           hammer  rw        1   2

I greatly appreciate your advise.

Most Kind Regards,

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