3.8.1 set for release on Monday 16-June-2014

Francis GUDIN fgudin at sdf-eu.org
Mon Jun 16 01:12:58 PDT 2014


On 13-06-2014, Matthew Dillon <dillon at apollo.backplane.com> wrote :
>     but adjustments to those might not get into 3.8.1.  boot0cfg... we might
>     just have to say that it shouldn't be used.  It's a pretty bad hack.

Bad hack, but I'm relying on it to have a dual slice install on my
remote server.
No console access is available to me: playing with boot0cfg -s is my way
to perform upgrades, and sometimes recovery. 

Now, if anyone could suggest an alternative that'd work without 'hitting
something when prompted by a menu' thing, i'd gladly follow advice.
(ISTR trying to use nextboot(8) but assumed back then that it was badly
broken and unusable)

Killing legacy is good, /most/ of the times.
fgudin at sdf-eu.org
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