DragonFly 3.8 on Sony VAIO notebook with SSD?

Alex Blake ablake1 at acm.org
Sat Jun 7 17:08:18 PDT 2014

Thanks! I did as you suggested and tried the DragonFly 3.8 IMG on the notebook today. Worked like a charm. Always believed that a  little courage goes a long way. So, rather than beat around the bush much longer, I ventured the install. At first, I got a lot of AHCI timeout errors, but they seemed to resolve on their own. 

Eventually, though, I landed at the install menu (hallelujah!) and went all in. The installation seemed to be going well, if a bit slowly, until it bailed with a kernel dump. If I weren’t such a proponent—indeed, an exponent—of DragonFly, the whole affair would’ve been tragic. I’d rather that DragonFly were an owner (rather than renter) on this notebook, but it’ll do while I study for my cert.

Thanks, again.

On 20140606 at 22:51:45, Justin Sherrill (justin at shiningsilence.com) wrote:

I've installed to a VAIO with success, but I'm sure it was an older  
model than what you have. The best way to find out is to try; the  
install ISO and IMG files are live, meaning that you can find out if  
DragonFly works with it just by booting the image and logging in as  
root - it will leave your disk untouched unless you run the installer.  

On Fri, Jun 6, 2014 at 10:12 PM, Alex Blake <ablake1 at acm.org> wrote:  
> Hello,  
> Has anyone been able to install DragonFly on a Sony VAIO notebook? I lucked  
> into the notebook (yay!) from my older brother who installed *unnamed*  
> Linux, he said, by disabling native command queuing for the SSD. Is there a  
> way, maybe, to do the same thing with DragonFly's installer? The latest  
> (3.8) installer is the first to even recognize the SSD and I was hoping to  
> make a go of it this time.  
> Thanks,  
> Alex  
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