Freeze with 3.8rc2 and ath

Sven Gaerner sgaerner at
Wed Jun 4 13:25:59 PDT 2014

On Wed, Jun 04, 2014 at 10:04:49PM +0200, John Marino wrote:
> On 6/4/2014 21:50, Sven Gaerner wrote:
> > Did someone else saw such freezes? Is there anything I can do to track
> > this freeze down?
> > 
> > The freeze also occurs if I load the ath kernel module via
> > /boot/loader.conf. The /boot/loader.conf contains only one line that
> > sets vfs.root.mountfrom. So nothing special here.
> > 
> > Uname says, the kernel is v3.8.0rc2.1.g358af0-RELEASE (X86_64_GENERIC).
> > This is a 64bit system.
> I know the uname says 3.8.0, is there any way possible that you built
> master world instead of release branch 3.8 ?

I checked that. I think I have the right branch on the disk, HEAD is
358af07. I had some problems building the world the first time. So I
run "make buildworld" again, then build the kernel and installed
everything. I also ran "make upgrade".

So hopefully I did run all steps that are necessary for upgrading from

> The master has a new wpa-supplicant and hostapd,  but that is not on
> 3.8.0rc2.

That should not be a problem as neither wpa-supplicant nor hostapd are
loaded. Just running "ifconfig ath0 up" stops the system.

> Other than that, no ideas from me me..
> John

Thanks for your suggestions.


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