after make installworld got kernel panic

Edward M martinezedward085 at
Thu Jun 5 19:36:11 PDT 2014

trying to upgrade from 3.6.2 to 3.8.0 amd64
After executing "make installworld" got a kernel panic and
typed message from trace and s, but  i dont know how to save  info from 
ps in db>
will this info be enough to open a bug report?

CPU2 restarting CPUs 0x000000000000000b

CPU2 stopping CPUs 0x0000000b
stopped at Debugger+0x40: repe ret

Debugger() at Debugger+0x40 0xffffffff8092a24b
lockmgr() at lockmgr+0x6c0 0xffffffff80553240
vn_unlock() at vn_unlock+0x15 0xffffffff805e5386
vnstrategy() at vnstrategy+0x266 0xffffffff81e42b38
dev_dstrategy() at dev_dstrategy+0x132 0xffffffff805f225
dsched_strategy_raw() at dsched_strategy_raw+0x63 0xffffffff8057913e
noop_quene() at noop_queue+0x10 0xffffffff80579158
dsched_queue() at dsched_queue+0x19b 0xffffffff80579e97
diskstrategy() at diskstrategy+0x6b 0xffffffff80589abf
dev_dstrategy() at dev_dstrategy+0x156 0xffffffff8053f249
mbrinit() at mbrinit+0xb2 0xffffffff80918dc3
disk_probe() at disk_probe+0xab 0xffffffff8058a49f
disk_msg_core() at disk_msg_core+0x9c 0xffffffff8058a864

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