Freeze with 3.8rc2 and ath

Sven Gaerner sgaerner at
Wed Jun 4 12:50:35 PDT 2014


After seeing that 3.8rc2 has been announced, I switched branches, build
and installed the world and the kernel and rebooted.

And then I saw the system freezing.

I tracked this down that whenever I run "ifconfig ath0 up" the systems
stops working immediately. I set kern.alt_break_to_debugger and
kern.break_to_debugger to 1, but the keyboard (attached via USB) is also
dead. Only a hardware reset works.

Release 3.6 worked just fine, also with this WLAN network adapter.

Did someone else saw such freezes? Is there anything I can do to track
this freeze down?

The freeze also occurs if I load the ath kernel module via
/boot/loader.conf. The /boot/loader.conf contains only one line that
sets vfs.root.mountfrom. So nothing special here.

Uname says, the kernel is v3.8.0rc2.1.g358af0-RELEASE (X86_64_GENERIC).
This is a 64bit system.

Unfortunately there is no dump available.


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