DPorts: GLib bug crashes applications linked with it

John Marino dragonflybsd at marino.st
Sat Jan 25 15:22:09 PST 2014

On 1/26/2014 00:16, srussell at prodigeinfo.qc.ca wrote:
> I updated dports as specified and compiled pam_krb5 (not the rh version).
> Since I'm new to dports, I'm not sure where dports global parameters are
> expected, /etc/make.conf or /usr/local/etc/make.conf, I'll have to take
> a look. I thought that Heimdal was the default like for pkgsrc.

There's no default.

> So to do do quick, I succesfully builded pam_krb5 with this command: 
> env KRB5_IMPL=heimdal make

Well, that means you overrode KRB5_IMPL.  I said earlier that when it
was equal to "heimdal" the package didn't configure.  So seeing this
override, I expect it to fail the same way.

> I removed my previous "solo" pam_krb5.so library and then installed the
> port with "env KRB5_IMPL=heimdal make install". I then tested with a
> telnet logon as well as with a X session logon (xdm) and it all worked.
> My kerberos sessions were openening normally.

Yet apparently it didn't fail for you.

> I'm not sure if you meant that only pam_krb5 failed to configure when
> Heimdal was the default, or if dports itself was failing. In my case,
> pam_krb5 is now 100% functionnal.

If it failed to configure in a clean jail but builds outside of jail,
that means there's an unlisted dependency for the port that you happened
to have installed, somehow.  So it works by chance, and not guaranteed
to be repeatable.

Is there a technical problem just letting it build with mit?


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