DPorts: GLib bug crashes applications linked with it

John Marino dragonflybsd at marino.st
Thu Jan 23 23:53:59 PST 2014

That particular dport will never build unless I predefine KRB5_IMPL.  I
don't know how many ports that will affect.  I also don't know which
value we should officially pick.  Perhaps we should add this to
defaults/make.conf so the value can be overridden, but without touching
it, it is equal on all DF systems.

but I have no idea if we want MIT or Heimdal.  I'd lean to MIT myself.

P.S.  I don't concede that that pam_krb5 "doesn't work".  It has simply
never been built because of a requirement for a predefined variable.

On 1/24/2014 04:08, srussell at prodigeinfo.qc.ca wrote:
> Hi,
> Sorry, I was unclear in my message. All pkgsrc packages have been
> totally wiped out from the station, none is left, including pam_krb5.
> pkgsrc is off from it. It would have been too risky otherwise and I
> might not have enough Tylenols left to handle this
> What I meant was that I used the pam_krb5 source used by pkgsrc and
> ported it, compiled it and installed it myself, completly appart from
> any package system. The one used by FreeBSD is the Red Hat version. It
> doesn't work for any reason, like you said, maybe because it's expecting
> the MIT Kerberos instead of Heimdal and I'm using Heimdal with dports.
> I'm 100% sure that the pam_krb5 that I installed myself on my station is
> not using anything outside dports and DragonFly itself.
> It seems that the problem is related to nfsd filesystems, since like
> François Tigeot noted, it's happening only when a nfs mounted directory
> is displayed. I'm using nfsd and after some tests, I had the same
> results than him. Not sure also if it's caused by the dports's port of
> glib2 or DragonFly.
> SR
> Justin Sherrill a écrit :
>> I'd be willing to bet that the installation of pam_krb5 via pkgsrc
>> brought in some library that Glib is picking up either when built, if
>> it was built locally, or when run.
>> If pam_prb5 works in pkgsrc but not in dports, it may be worth looking
>> at the pkgsrc version to see if the fix can be clearly identified.
>>  pam_krb5 is listed as a failure in the binary builds with the reason
>> "you must define KRB5_IMPL to be "mit" or "heimdal"", and it looks
>> like it should be 'heimdal' from the pkgsrc makefiles.  I don't see
>> (with my untrained) any clear differences between the two that might
>> be the answer, though.
>> On Wed, Jan 8, 2014 at 10:46 PM, karu.pruun <karu.pruun at gmail.com
>> <mailto:karu.pruun at gmail.com>> wrote:
>>     I have a brand new 3.6 install as well and a dports based xfce4
>>     and its apps are very stable. I remember though that in an older
>>     pkgsrc based install (maybe 3.2?) crashed thunar and many other
>>     xfce apps, so it was mostly unusable.
>>     Peeter
>>     --
>>     On Thu, Jan 9, 2014 at 2:49 AM  wrote:
>>         Hi,
>>         My former copy was based in /usr/pkg, while the new one is
>>         based in /usr/local. /usr/pkg have been renamed before an
>>         eventual deletion, to avoid any confusion.
>>         I wonder if it could be related to any locale manner. I
>>         compiled the packages myself, so if I'm the only one with this
>>         problem, it's probably related with my environment.
>>         What version of DragonFly are you using?
>>         Thanks for the reply.
>>         SR
>>         Le 2014-01-08 12:28, Warren Postma a écrit :
>>>         >> Xfce for its part is hardly usable because the panels and
>>>         Thunar are crashing at startup.
>>>         I have no problems launching XFCE4 panel (the dock area) or
>>>         file manager (thunar) on my brand new install. I suspect you
>>>         may have some old shared libraries or other broken
>>>         dependencies? Have you tried uninstalling
>>>         all XFCE4 dependencies that were installed using pkgsrc and
>>>         reinstalling them all freshely with dports?
>>>         Warren
>>>         On Tue, Jan 7, 2014 at 10:33 PM, <srussell at prodigeinfo.qc.ca
>>> <mailto:srussell at prodigeinfo.qc.ca>> wrote:
>>>             Hi,
>>>             I've just upgraded my DF station from 3.4 to 3.6. In the
>>>             process, I decided to try dport. I compiled it myself, as
>>>             usual. I need LDAP+Kerberos enabled, plus few other things.
>>>             Overall, I'm very glad of it. DF 3.6 is running like a
>>>             charm and I can now access some applications that were
>>>             unavailable in pkgsrc.
>>>             I had minor problems with the dports packages. For
>>>             example, I had to compile and install the pkgsrc version
>>>             of pam_krb5 because the version provided in dports does
>>>             not work properly. VLC2 is also not working for me and
>>>             was replaced by umplayer. Stuff like that.
>>>             I have only one significant problem that affects mostly
>>>             all applications using Glib, which includes wxGTK apps,
>>>             including Seamonkey and LibreOffice.
>>>             Every time that I try to open or save a file, a the popup
>>>             window shows itself and works normally. But after a few
>>>             seconds, the popup freezes and the application sends this
>>>             message before crashing:
>>>             «GLib (gthread-posix.c): Unexpected error from C library
>>>             during 'pthread_mutex_lock': Resource deadlock avoided.
>>>              Aborting.»
>>>             Xfce for its part is hardly usable because the panels and
>>>             Thunar are crashing at startup.
>>>             It looks like the problem affects any process that tries
>>>             to read a directory or something related. Most of theses
>>>             applications are totally functionnal otherwise.
>>>             If anyone had this problem or have a clue of what's
>>>             causing it, please reply to me.
>>>             As for the rest, DragonFly really rocks! It got
>>>             everything in hand to take the lead.
>>>             Thanks,
>>>             Stephane Russell

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