DragonFly support in Go

John Marino dragonflybsd at marino.st
Fri Jan 17 10:12:00 PST 2014

On 1/17/2014 18:57, Brad Fitzpatrick wrote:
> On Fri, Jan 17, 2014 at 9:45 AM, John Marino <dragonflybsd at marino.st
> <mailto:dragonflybsd at marino.st>> wrote:
>     Hi Brad,
>     Where is the broken report coming from given that there is no builder?
> It was just reported by Aram Hăvărneanu today.  I haven't tried and
> don't use DragonFly.
> If you'd like to test its current state:
> $ hg clone https://code.google.com/p/go
> $ cd go/src
> $ ./all.bash
> ... will build & run the tests.

Hi Brad,
Well, there's a chance that this report is "bogus" in the sense that Go
only builds within the FreeBSD Ports framework on DragonFly.  For sure
we need src/make.bash patched to remove the bashism equality checks:


(If make.bash is still broken this way, could you fix it?)

There is another diff for the freebsd ports framework:

Do Go build on FreeBSD outside of ports?

Bottom line: The current head might not be broken as it's never built
out-of-the-box that I know of.  I might try later but that's not how we
would normally build it.

>      It might be a moot point because I am not sure DragonFly runs in an EC2
>     instance.  I know Colin Percival did a major effort to get FreeBSD to
>     run in it, and I haven't heard any DragonFly person doing something
>     similar.  Could it equally be hosted on one of the dragonflybsd.org
>     <http://dragonflybsd.org>
>     blade servers?
> It could be anywhere with network. We've had or have builders on
> re-purposed Android tablets, under stairwells, on every imaginable ARM
> dev board, on desks at companies on their guest wifi, on physical
> machines, on a bunch of cloudy VM things, etc.
> Once make.bash passes sufficiently to give you a "go" command to let you
> compile Go programs, you build the Go build bot worker program and it
> runs forever, polling work from and reporting results to
> build.golang.org <http://build.golang.org>.  We'll just have to give you
> a key that you put in a file on the builder, for authenticating to the
> build master.

Ok, I think we could set it up here without too much trouble.  Somebody
should still step up as I am not a "Go" guy.  I just try to get stuff in
the ports.


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