Anyone using netatalk and afp? I cannot get it running.

Joel Nilsson joel at
Sat Jan 18 09:07:43 PST 2014


I cannot get netatalk3 and afp to work on my DragonFly server and I would only like to use it for Time Machine from my Mac clients.

I have installed dbus, avahi and netatalk3 through Dports and started the services in the same order.

However, nothing happens when I do a rcstart of netatalk and there are not a single character in /var/log/messages about it.

I have tried to start afpd manually and that works to some part: The share appears in OS X but I am not allowed to connect to it and there are a lot of errors in messages.

What have I missed? My previously experience is only with netatalk2 on OpenBSD some years ago and on TomatoUSB on my parents "router".

Joel Nilsson

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