dma hangs on boot

Pierre Abbat phma at
Mon Jan 6 23:10:49 PST 2014

Zyxomma has sendmail redirected to dma. One day I had to reboot it. I shelled 
into its IP address and typed "reboot". It dropped the connection and beeped. 
A while later, I tried to log in again. No connection.

A few days later I decided to investigate. (Zyxomma was my router, but it's 
doing nothing now.) I connected the keyboard and monitor and saw that it said 
"Starting sshd" but was stuck there. I looked at rcorder, booted it to single-
user mode, started services one at a time, and found that it had no problem 
starting sshd, but hung when starting sendmail (which is really dma). If I 
remember right, the command it stops at is this one:
/usr/sbin/sendmail -L sm-mta -bd -q30m -ODaemonPortOptions=Addr=localhost
Any idea why?

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