Enabling DBUS in VmWare Fusion vm shows VMWare + DragonFly BSD is not so great.

Warren Postma warren.postma at gmail.com
Sat Jan 4 16:22:06 PST 2014

The same bug that this person reports here is happening to me:


The system boots up until DBUS starts, then about 300 mSec later,
I get this:

ata1: FAILURE - oversized DMA transfer attempt...

The same message occurs for several other devices,
including acd0.

I can boot to safe mode and remove this, but as X.org relies on dbus
this makes a VMWare Fusion 5 + X11 + DragonFly BSD unusable.

Since this bug was reported in 2010, I'm guessing nobody knows how to
fix this or why this is broken?

I suppose the minimal workaround is for me to manually configure my
mouse and screen in X.org, but attempts to do this also lead nowhere
(black screen).


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