Using github for issues/collaboration

Michael Neumann mneumann at
Thu Feb 20 12:09:52 PST 2014

Am 14.02.2014 08:32, schrieb Matthew Dillon:
 >      I feel quite strongly that we should host the issues system 
 >      One huge disadvantage of using distributed services is that large
 >      pieces of the project can get lost over time as these services 
 >      or the project evolves, is merged with some other, or otherwise 
 >      So for posterity, I really want us to host the major project 
 >      ourselves.

I agree with you that it's better to not depend on external services for
the reasons you mention.

While for the core developers using something like Github wouldn't make
a big difference, the situation for students who want to hack on
DragonFly would be improved as they can send pull requests and anyone
can review and comment on the changes, even on certain lines of the
patches.  I think this is quite important and also for the GSoC mentors
this would be a big win. Right now these discussions might take place on
IRC, maybe to a lesser degree on the mailing list or via private mail,
but most information gets lost or is intransparent for others.  With
GitHub (or something like that) this would be much more transparent.



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