progress on mini-roadmap

John Marino dragonflybsd at
Fri Feb 14 01:03:40 PST 2014

On 2/14/2014 09:12, Antonio Huete Jimenez wrote:
> John,
> Maintain what exactly? It's just a matter of setting dfly version to
> the issues and the list is automatically updated.
> As far as I can see there is people volunteering and/or working on the
> issues already. They can work with our official tools because,
> honestly, I don't like our info to be scattered across google docs,
> github and whatnot.

Problem 1: These aren't bugs, they are mini-goals
Problem 2: The is not properly monitored.  "Real"
bug PR gets opened and nobody responds to them, probably because they
don't even know about them.  Redmine simply isn't in the forefront
Problem 3: Anything where "everybody" is the maintainer means it is not
Problem 4: A common problem with all the free projects, not following up
on "bugs" but leaving them to rot for years and years.  Many open bugs
are obsolete or solved, but the report is still open.  However, the
prevailing thought is just leave them alone.

Redmine is out of control, barely effective (generous; I would say it's
not effective) and nothing I'd want to base anything on.

I was just trying to have a nice little dynamic "to do" list.  Nothing
fancy, not even official.  It takes work to maintain, but I was doing
that.  If people don't want that, fine, but don't tell me Redmine is
"better".  We don't have the processes to use Redmine as it could be
used (nor the culture).


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