hammer pfs-upgrade question

karu.pruun karu.pruun at gmail.com
Sun Feb 23 19:25:54 PST 2014


I wonder if I'm making an elementary mistake. I wanted to migrate /home to
a new disk, so I hammer mirror-copied /pfs/home to a new disk as explained
in man 5 HAMMER:

hammer mirror-copy /olddisk/pfs/home /newdisk/pfs/home

This results in a read-only /newdisk/pfs/home. I tried to upgrade to master
to be able to mount read-write:

hammer pfs-upgrade /newdisk/pfs/home

But this fails:

pfs-upgrade of PFS#1 () failed: Directory not empty

Can the new pfs be upgraded at all or is it that once a slave, always a
slave and read-only?



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