ACPI errors

Andrey Oktyabrskiy ano at
Thu Feb 20 09:42:32 PST 2014

Good day.

I updated my homeserver to master yesterday. Tons of these errors in 
ACPI Error: Method parse/execution failed [\\_GPE._L03] (Node 
0xffffffe005f089c0), AE_AML_MUTEX_ORDER (20140214/psparse-553)
ACPI Exception: AE_AML_MUTEX_ORDER, while evaluating GPE method [_L03] 
ACPI Error: Cannot acquire Mutex for method [SX30], current SyncLevel is 
too large (1) (20140214/dsmethod-390)

DragonFly led.ano 3.7-DEVELOPMENT DragonFly 
v3.7.1.717.g642a1f-DEVELOPMENT #2: Thu Feb 20 02:32:19 MSK 2014 
ano at led.ano:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/ANO  x86_64

Dell Latitude D631, 2GB RAM

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