man and more command problem under tmux

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Sat Feb 15 05:27:14 PST 2014

      Under tmux type "man man",press "space" to read page after page,when
it reachs the end,then  man will quit and clear the screen,the same as
"more" command.
      How to keep the info when read and reach the end under tmux like
FreeBSD does?

Here is an example(under tmux):
#man man
(press "space" to read,until reach end)

no info left on the screen

In FreeBSD
#man man
(press "space" to read,until reach end)
     Normally, to look at the relevant manpage information for ``getopt'',
     would use:

           man getopt

     However, when referring to a specific section of the manual, such as
     getopt(3), one would use:

           man 3 getopt

     apropos(1), groff(1), manpath(1), more(1), whatis(1), man(7), mdoc(7)

     The -t option only works if the troff(1)-like program is installed.

FreeBSD 8.2                    December 3, 2005                    FreeBSD

the man info still left on the screen
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