Announcing user-friendly "time slider" tool for HAMMER v1

John Marino dragonflybsd at
Mon Dec 22 06:53:49 PST 2014

I've created a curses-based tool called "slider" that is user-friendly
combination between "hammer history" and "undo".  If the given path
doesn't exist but has history, an "undelete" attempt can be made.
However, if the given path has multiple versions, each timestamp will be
displayed and selectable via arrow keys.  If the origin file is text,
any version can be "viewed" in pages, and a colorized diff between any
two versions can be viewed.  It's easy to save any listed version as a
new file or to restore the given path with any previous version.
However doesn't handle deleted directories (yet).

I created it because I found browsing through historical versions very
cumbersome (dumping transactions IDs and manually viewing each one via
command line).  Undeleting a file wasn't as simple as I'd have liked
either.  Hopefully other people will find the tool useful.

Feedback and/or bug reports welcome! [3]

It's in dports at sysutils/slider, so you can get it by either:
1) pkg ins sysutils/slider                        [1]
2) cd /usr/dports/sysutils/slider ; make install  [2]

Usage: slider file [save-as-file]


[1] Available now for DragonFly 4.1, soon for DragonFly 4.0
[2] The dependencies of lang/gcc-aux and devel/adacurses take a long
time to build so it's advisable to "pkg add lang/gcc-aux" to save a lot
of time when building slider from source.
[3] I already know about the unhandled exception that occurs when trying
to view the diff between two identical versions of the file.  The fix
will be available via source build first.

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