Image corruption with owncloud + nginx + php-fpm

Charles charles at
Wed Aug 13 01:57:40 PDT 2014


I can't repeat this issue on FreeBSD with same software version (nginx 
and php). I also tried again with dragonfly yesterday snapshot without 

I don't understand why this corruption is happening, and I have no idea 
how to investigate this.

Kind regards

Le 2014-07-02 22:31, Justin Sherrill a écrit :
> I'm tempted to say it's something specific to nginx/php - i.e. it will
> happen on any platform, not just DragonFly.  Can you reproduce it on
> any other operating system?  (same versions of the software, if
> possible.)
> On Wed, Jul 2, 2014 at 2:51 PM, charles <charles at> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I was about to write an article about the deployment of Owncloud on
>> DragonFly BSD but I found a blocking issue.
>> For the background, owncloud is a php application which let you upload 
>> files
>> to the server. I use it on fedora, freebsd and openbsd successfully 
>> since a
>> few years.
>> I'm using DragonFly v3.8.1-RELEASE #16 amd64.
>> I installed nginx, php and owncloud with "pkg install nginx owncloud",
>> copied the nginx configuration from one another of my servers, 
>> everything
>> starts correctly, the web app is functional.
>> The weird thing is that when I upload a file, it may be corrupted. A 
>> lot of
>> files are corrupted once uploaded through the web app. This is easily
>> visible on jpg files :
>> I tried to install nginx / owncloud / php from ports instead of the
>> packages, the result is the same. I also tried to change some 
>> parameters in
>> php and nginx, but I can't find anything that could corrupt the files.
>> nginx-devel doesn't do better.
>> The issue is fully reproducible inside a virtual machine running 3.8.1 
>> amd64
>> (didn't try other version).
>> When using apache22 with mod_php, everything is working as expected.
>> So I suspect a problem with nginx or a communication problem between 
>> php and
>> nginx ? I tried to use php-fpm with TCP or unix socket and the result 
>> is the
>> same.
>> If you have any clue, you are welcome ! :)
>> Kind regards

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