Can anyone help to shed the light on mysterious bug in SBCL (found it!)

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Wed Apr 16 09:37:58 PDT 2014

    I'm looking at how to adjust libthread_xu to clean out the red-zone and
    thread stack cache(s).  Not sure if that will clean everything up though,
    there might be (probably are) other allocations that are intended to
    be persistent hidden in there.

    In other words, even when we fix the red-zone issue, loading and
    unloading shared libraries that weren't designed for it causes all
    sorts of memory leaks and just shouldn't be done by any application.

    The only shared libraries that should *ever* be unloaded are ones that
    are designed for load/unload cycling (e.g. things like PAM modules and
    such, not main-stream libraries).


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