Can anyone help to shed the light on mysterious bug in SBCL (found it!)

Vasily Postnicov shamaz.mazum at
Tue Apr 15 19:59:22 PDT 2014

Thanks! I created a bug report, as it is clear now, that is  not SBCL fault.

I also found that any library, which mmap's some space at fixed range in
its constructor will fail the test. I attached such a library which mimics
the behaviour of

2014-04-16 5:31 GMT+04:00 Matthew Dillon <dillon at>:

>     Ah ha!  I found it.  Testing with dynamically loading a library which
>     depends on libpthread triggers the problem when libpthread is not
>     built into the main program.
>     For example, if I test with with a program compiled without
>     -pthread, it triggers the problem.  If I test with with
>     a program compiled with -pthread, it does not trigger the problem.
>     So the issue here is that libpthread is not built into the main
>     program and it needs to be, simple as that.  If the main program is
>     compiled/linked with -pthread, the problem should go away.
>     --
>     In terms of making this work as-is with some sort of fix to rtld-elf...
>     that's problematic.  A lot of these shared libraries are not designed
>     to be unloaded.  It would take some time to vet them all.
>     For now I think the best solution is to adjust the port to compile/link
>     SBCL with -pthread.
>                                                 -Matt
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