installed but no network

John Marino dragonflybsd at
Fri Apr 4 04:09:28 PDT 2014

We are getting back into hand-holding territory here, this must be
mentioned in "setting up networking" tutorials.

Your issue may be the value in /etc/resolv.conf

As a example, mine looks like this:
# cat /etc/resolv.conf

You might want to use "ipconfig" to verify that your network card is
"em0", I didn't how how Sascha knew that.


On 4/4/2014 13:00, Ludo Beckers wrote:
> I added it to the end of rc.conf (btw emZERO, correct?) and then did
> ping <>
> and got Host name lookup failure.
> Ludo
> <>
> On Fri, Apr 4, 2014 at 12:33 PM, Sascha Wildner <saw at
> <mailto:saw at>> wrote:
>     On Fri, 04 Apr 2014 11:42:00 +0200, Ludo Beckers <lazylew at
>     <mailto:lazylew at>> wrote:
>         It clearly shows I hadn't a clue what I was doing when trying to
>         set up the
>         network.
>         Is there something I should retry with the CD first, or
>         otherwise can
>         someone send me the link for the right documentation (Network
>         for Dummies?)
>         please?
>     Try putting ifconfig_em0="DHCP" into /etc/rc.conf (assuming you
>     configured an Intel card in the guest)

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