NFSv4 and RAID 6 questions

Justin Sherrill justin at
Fri Sep 13 18:09:39 PDT 2013

NFSv4 is not supported.  I think LVM on DragonFly only does RAID 0?  I
haven't done it, so I'm not sure... but I'd recommend hardware RAID in any
case.  Areca or LSI devices are well supported.

Crypto - DragonFly has tcplay, which is a fully-compatible implementation
of TrueCrypt:

The above link is to a message from when DragonFly first got the features,
but it's been in for a while now.  Man pages will get you started:

On Fri, Sep 13, 2013 at 6:15 PM, Predrag Punosevac <punosevac72 at>wrote:

> I remember a noise about porting NFSv4 from OpenBSD to DF.
> Can anybody  give me any information about that project? I would
> hate to opt for NAS4Free just because DF doesn't support NFS.
> Is RAID 0+1 still the only RAID option with DF? What about RAID 6?
> What kind of set ups do people use for large storages (100T or more).
> Any support for hot swaps?
> What are my crypto options with DF?
> Most Kind Regards,
> Predrag Punosevac
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