Opinions on SMF

John Marino dragonflybsd at marino.st
Mon Sep 9 15:41:48 PDT 2013

On 9/10/2013 00:31, Outback Dingo wrote:
> actually i mentiioned it weeks ago........... easier to integrate,

Integrate into the BSD codebase?  Where is the analysis to prove that

> easier to manage, 

Easier than what?  Is there a survey or analysis to support that it is
easier than (everything else)?

easier to port,

This is same as integrate.  All I say is a statement from you that this
is the case.  Do you have anything else to support that it is easier to
port launchd than SMF or systemd to BSD?  (what the hell, throw in
"upgrading" rcng too)

and launchd isnt Linux.... its from BSD

Oh, mac.  I was getting confused with Ubuntu's upstart. (Sorry, my bad)
Still, calling launchd "BSD" is generous.  Has it been actually ported
to anything else?

> and yes, a study was done 4 years ago by a commercial entity that
> actually did do the work for their benefit.

So it won't be a problem to provide the reference or link to it?


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