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Fri Nov 29 14:59:06 PST 2013

On Friday 29 November 2013 18.48:37 Cassandra von Ahrcanburg wrote:
> Graphics board
> Since I am buying and I have no personal preferences towards AMD or
> nVidia, maybe you can tell me which company is the better choice for
> Dragonfly. I am a gamer at times, so I will be buying something in the
> area of an X770 (or a similar AMD model, maybe an R9 280). I have asked
> this question before in a German BSD newsgroup (concerning FreeBSD).
> Somehow the discussion left the hardware-level very quickly and I had
> to explain myself why I wanted a working graphics board under BSD
> anyway. I can live without eyecandy like Compiz, but I like it just the
> same. And I also use my computer for watching videos. There, I've
> "said" it. :-)
> My workstation will be able to boot both Windows and BSD.

Just one more thing that John and Justin did not mention: the i915 driver 
works well up to ivybrige, ie: there is no support for haswell (yet).
If you opt for AMD, the current radeon driver (non kms) is
xf86-video-ati-6.14.6. Therefore, choose a card that is supported by this 
version of the driver.



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