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> Graphics board

What Marino said - AMD or Intel are your best bet, though support is
experimental right now.  If the accelerated support doesn't work, you're
back to VESA, which isn't great but it's something.  Desktop support isn't
a particular focus in DragonFly.

> The second version of this legendary FS won't be out for some time yet,
> as I have written on the list. I have read a few things that are
> working now but very little about what the endgame is. Is there a
> document out there that says what HAMMER2 will do?
It's not direct, but there's the Hammer-tagged items on the Digest:

> The server I am building will mainly be for cold storage. I had
> considered ZFS (and still am) because it also contains a volume manager
> and I can "grow" the filesystem should the need arise. With "grow" I
> mean: add one or more drives to the pool and let the FS heal itself.
> Not elegant, but it should work fine. I plan to make a raidz2
> (RAID6-like). Is this sort of thing possible with HAMMER? I know that
> HAMMER won't do this by itself, I will need LVM with that. But can I
> create a RAID6-like "thingy" :-) and grow it if I have to?

You can add disks to a Hammer filesystem using volume-add, but this doesn't
necessarily create any sort of redundancy, and there's no easy way to pull
them back out; it's not like a RAID controller that lets you add and remove
disks.  I always emphasize using hardware RAID, but that may be a
particular hangup of mine.

There's been discussion of it before:

The Areca and LSI MegaRAID cards are reportedly very good.

Hammer1 uses individual pseudo-file-systems and can duplicate between them
in a master-slave relationship.  What I do at home is have one master
drive, and duplicate to a local slave.  If I had a remote DragonFly
installation, I'd slave out to that, too.  (to do in the future.)  Using a
port multiplier to add disks and create duplicate volumes would be a very
cheap way to get redundancy.  I'm sure there's a lot more to this topic
that I'm not able to cover in a quickly typed paragraph.
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