vendor branch updating [was "mini roadmap" for userland for 3.7-dev branch]

John Marino dragonflybsd at
Sat Nov 23 03:44:22 PST 2013

On 11/22/2013 11:41, Alex wrote:
> Thank you for your insight on vendor branch updating and development(7)
> reference. I've tryied my best to follow the workflow you described and
> successfully updated to the latest bmake (see submit #2606 on the bug
> tracker -
> The only "real" patch we had has been merged. The state is now a few
> "cosmetics" patches that we need because we're building with stricter
> flags than upstream. One of them though revealed that we could improve
> sysctl(3) (using const arguments where appropriate) and I've already
> made up a patch that I'll submit after more testing.
> I did test the new bmake by building and installing both world and
> kernel (x86_64). I also did a quick install of vim-lite to test building
> a port. Additionals tests and comments are welcome.

Hi Alex,
I've committed your patches.  The only modification I made was to remove
README.D* files from the local modifications removal.  These files don't
exist on the vendor branch, so they aren't locally modified.  Instead I
just applied a diff rather than deleting and reading them.

If you are feeling confident, feel free to tackle the WPA supplicant and
HostAPD updates! (They have to be done as a pair).


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