"mini roadmap" for userland for 3.7-dev branch

Alex alex at kaworu.ch
Thu Nov 21 03:12:49 PST 2013

Thank you for this roadmap. As a newcomer wanting to contribute, it 
really helps with an overview of what could be done.

I'll give a try on the bmake update if that's OK :)


On 11/20/2013 09:52 PM, John Marino wrote:
> Another thing I've been hoping (in vain) for the project to produce is a
> real "road map" showing what features are intended for which release.
> Since such a document does not exist and probably will not exist, I
> though I'd start of list of things that I think we should try to
> accomplish on the 3.7 branch with respect to the userland, a sort of
> mini-map for just the current development branch.
> Anyone feel free to add items to this list and definitely feel free to
> volunteer to do any of them.  :)
> Vendor branch updates
> ======================
> 1) WPA-Supplicant and HostAPD (these are already 3 years old)
> 2) Latest bmake
> 3) Replace binutils 2.21 with binutils 2.23.2
> Base compilers
> =======================
> 4) Replace gcc44 with llvm/clang (v3.4) and libc++
> Note: gcc47 will still be primary compiler for foreseeable future.
> clang *might* become the dports compiler at some point.
> Other Stuff
> ========================
> 5) Bring in latest iconv fixes from FreeBSD10 (the ones that unblocked
> FreeBSD 10 release), csmapper fixes too
> 6) Check dormant library symbol versioning and switch it on (building a
> new set of packages first as this will break them all)
> 7) Pull in any dynamic linker updates from FreeBSD that may have come in
> over the last 10 months
> John

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