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Thu Nov 14 06:55:06 PST 2013

I was asking this same question in IRC a few days ago.  The answer from
several different people was SuperMicro passive drive bays.  I think that's
these products:

I imagine you could set up individual drive master-slave sets with Hammer
and effectively duplicate whole disks in case of drive failure, without
going to actual hardware RAID.  However!  I have not actually tried this,
so please be careful with your purchasing decisions based on the testimony
of some idiot on a mailing list.  (i.e. me)

On Thu, Nov 14, 2013 at 12:30 AM, Predrag Punosevac
<punosevac72 at>wrote:

> My small LAB is looking to acquire two file servers in the very near
> future. I am not much of a storage guy so I am soliciting opinion from
> this community as the new file servers are likely to be running
> DragonFly BSD for obvious reason (Hammer).
> One file server should be about 20TB and used by a group of about 20-30
> users. Another should be about 10-12 TB with no more than 10 users.
> Following earlier advises I am thinking of setting up hardware RAID
> based on one of LSI devices. We are in data mining business so moving
> large amounts of data in particular via NFS is must for us.
> Are there any strong opinions? I was browsing little bit Newegg and I
> see bunch of inexpensive Synology and Buffalo network storage systems. I
> have mostly experience with Supermicro. Is there a significant
> difference in the quality between those manufacturers?
> Most Kind Regards,
> Predrag
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