PFS downgrade problem

Tim Darby t+dfbsd at
Tue Nov 26 00:07:22 PST 2013

I tried to downgrade a master PFS and got this:

# hammer pfs-downgrade /mnt/pfs/test

pfs-upgrade of PFS#2 () failed: Directory not empty

There shouldn't have been any processes using that PFS but, just to be
sure, I rebooted the machine and tried again with the same result.  Just
for the fun of it, I tried this:

# hammer pfs-upgrade /mnt/pfs/test

pfs-upgrade of PFS#2 () failed: Directory not empty
​As far as I know, this PFS is good and I was able to mirror copy it to
another PFS successfully.  Also, unrelated, but I find it a little odd that
if you try to upgrade a master, you get an upgrade succeeded message,
instead of "PFS is already a master".​

​I'm on v3.7.1.38.g703b85-DEVELOPMENT, but this PFS was created at least a
year ago and I haven't really done very much to it, other than add some
files.  If I create a new master PFS and downgrade it, it works.​

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