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Justin Sherrill justin at
Thu Nov 28 20:27:56 PST 2013

I am saying this without checking to make sure it's correct, but: if you do
as John suggested and set up an install using DESTDIR, that resulting setup
could be packaged into an install iso/img.  The installer 'just' copies
over the system on the install image.

Also, if you plan to install to multiple machines, there's PFI and rconfig.
 These may be able to do some of the work for you in system pruning, too,
but they are poorly documented.

I'll point out that if you are removing material from the system to save
disk space, you will also want to pay attention to your Hammer settings; an
active disk will eat up a lot of space through file change history.  If you
aren't short on space... really, there's no need to trim this stuff out.

On Thu, Nov 28, 2013 at 6:02 AM, Konrad Neuwirth <konrad at>wrote:

> Hello,
> I have a rather uncommon request. I'm thinking about making a fairly small
> dragonflybsd install image for our production servers. I'm sure that it
> doesn't need the compiler tool chain or a lot of other things; but does
> anyone here have a good idea of how to go about finding out what tools I
> need and what tools I don't need? Coming from NetBSD, there was that little
> base & etc set that could get the system going – but I don't really have a
> reasonably good idea how to go about this.
> Thank you!
>  Konrad
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