Fwd: Re: I'm resigning from i386 duty -- somebody else needs to be ward

John Marino dragonflybsd at marino.st
Tue Nov 26 15:17:48 PST 2013

Hi list,
I just wanted to share that we have a volunteer to care after i386
dports (generation and patches) and perhaps even base issues as he
becomes more knowledgeable.  His name is Rett Kent, and the introduction
email I received is posted below.

Welcome Rett!

Francois Tigeot (ftigeot) and I are the most knowledgeable about dports,
so we'll probably be the ones you want to come to first on that topic.
For the rest, any developer or contributor will be happy to help out.
Thanks for picking this significant task up!

( I already pointed him to some links and the irc channel before
forwarding this).


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Subject: Re: I'm resigning from i386 duty -- somebody else needs to be ward
Date: Tue, 26 Nov 2013 08:41:54 -0800

Hi John,

I'd be interested in taking on the i386 duties for Dragonfly BSD
releases.  Currently I'm working mainly with Common Lisp and Clojure,
but for a number of years I did embedded C/C++ development and recently
I've taken an antiquarian interest in the the original 386BSD releases
made by the Jolitzes.

I'm also interested from the perspective of free software development.
I have a number of project that I'm interested in starting up as free
software projects but I don't really know how to structure, organize or
even participate in such projects.  As you mentioned in your post, i386
support would be a good opportunity for that.

I'd be able to commit to the role for a year.


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