"mini roadmap" for userland for 3.7-dev branch

Daniel Ramos daniel at ramos.id.au
Wed Nov 20 23:23:13 PST 2013

As a list lurker keen to contribute to dfly, this road map is definitely valuable. Thanks for putting it together John.

I'd propose

* update iwn driver to support latest chip sets

As something I'd like to look at (came up on the list the other week).


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From: John Marino
Sent: Thursday, 21 November 2013 6:56 AM
To: users at dragonflybsd.org
Subject: "mini roadmap" for userland for 3.7-dev branch

Another thing I've been hoping (in vain) for the project to produce is a
real "road map" showing what features are intended for which release.
Since such a document does not exist and probably will not exist, I
though I'd start of list of things that I think we should try to
accomplish on the 3.7 branch with respect to the userland, a sort of
mini-map for just the current development branch.

Anyone feel free to add items to this list and definitely feel free to
volunteer to do any of them. :)

Vendor branch updates
1) WPA-Supplicant and HostAPD (these are already 3 years old)
2) Latest bmake
3) Replace binutils 2.21 with binutils 2.23.2

Base compilers
4) Replace gcc44 with llvm/clang (v3.4) and libc++
Note: gcc47 will still be primary compiler for foreseeable future.
clang *might* become the dports compiler at some point.

Other Stuff
5) Bring in latest iconv fixes from FreeBSD10 (the ones that unblocked
FreeBSD 10 release), csmapper fixes too
6) Check dormant library symbol versioning and switch it on (building a
new set of packages first as this will break them all)
7) Pull in any dynamic linker updates from FreeBSD that may have come in
over the last 10 months


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