I'm resigning from i386 duty -- somebody else needs to be ward

John Marino dragonflybsd at marino.st
Fri Nov 15 01:44:14 PST 2013

I have just updated the dports package set for Release 3.4.x for i386
platform.  The 3.6.1 Release packages for i386 were already in place.
As of right now, the package situation on i386 is the best that it can
possibly be.

However, I am washing my hands of i386 and I won't contribute to it
anymore.  I've been on record for months campaigning against i386,
trying to get an official EOL date/version for i386.  Those discussions
went nowhere and I've been left holding the bag.

Somebody that has been resolute in keeping i386 officially supported
needs to step up, and take over:
  * Doing official dports builds on i386 (all releases) PERIODICALLY
  * Providing i386-only fixes for dports
  * Bootstrapping new compilers for dports
  * Fixing major breakage (e.g. GHC, mono)

Speaking for myself, I'm going to pretend i386 doesn't exist and I may
even reformat my wasted core i5 which has the 32-bit system on it.  This
is going to hinder any future effort to replace gcc44 with the latest
clang, so whomever becomes the i386 ward also should be prepared to help
test and support a new base compiler.

This "offer" also extends to the user community to those that have been
considering joining DragonFly development.  This could be great way to
jump right in.


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