Disk too full

Michael Neumann mneumann at ntecs.de
Wed May 22 02:57:57 PDT 2013

Am 22.05.2013 10:32, schrieb Konrad Neuwirth:
> Dear reader,
> there is probably something very, very obvious that I am missing, but one server of ours is claiming so much more disk space is filled than current use warrants and I don't see how I can free that again.
> It's a drive that contains five pfs; four master and one slave.
> I've reblocked the pfs, but still there's too much overhead.
> How can I investigate where the blocks went, and particularly: How can I free them?
> Thank you,
>   Konrad

Hammer takes snapshots and keeps them for a while. You can configure 
this using "hammer config pfs".
If you then run "hammer cleanup", this history retention policy is 
applied (i.e. snapshots are taken,
old snapshots are freed, all non-snapshotted data is purged, and the 
filesystems in question are

You probably either don't run "hammer cleanup" regularily, or your 
history retention policy keeps too
many snapshots (I think the default is to keep 60 days worth of snapshot 
with a 1-day granularity). If
this is the case, either "hammer config" and use a lower value (e.g. "1d 
30d" to keep 30 days, or "2d 30d"
to only keep every second day...).

"hammer reblock" doesn't help as it only brings the blocks in-order 
again, but does not free space.
"hammer prune" is your friend.

If you want to release all space taken by snapshots, use "hammer 
prune-everything filesystem" but with CARE!
All your historical data will be LOST!



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