PostGreSQL with dports build failure.

Loïc BLOT loic.blot at
Mon May 20 07:47:34 PDT 2013

I agree with you, this works on FreeBSD, but in DragonFly it seems this
don't work, i don't know why, it seems this is the same file...

Another problem is also when we want to search a port. On FreeBSD we can
do it with whereis <portname> or going to /usr/ports and do a make
search name=<portname>.
In DragonFly the whereis doens't work, why not, but make search failed
because of missing files (look at the attachment). Then how can i do a
make search ?

Best regards,
Loïc BLOT, 
UNIX systems, security and network expert

Le lundi 20 mai 2013 à 16:30 +0200, John Marino a écrit :

> On 5/20/2013 16:25, Loïc BLOT wrote:
> > Hello John
> > it's a fresh DragonFly 3.4.1 install, and i have purged /usr/pkg as you
> > expect.
> >
> > I build from source because i prefer custom compile
> > options/optimizations, like i do in all my FreeBSD systems :)
> >
> > postgresql91-client doesn't get gettext dependancy when we built it with
> > NLS support i can confirm it, i have done a second fresh install.
> What doesn't make sense from your statement is that the NLS option for 
> every package is turned on by default (as you may have said already).
> see line 185:
> Gettext dependency is there.
> pgsql client uses the pgsql server makefile to build.
> I build pgsql often in a clean environment (poudriere), all the versions 
> build fine.  I'm not sure what your issue is, but the makefile is okay 
> wrt gettext.
> John
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