confusion, dports, pkg, and pkgsrc

John Marino dragonflybsd at
Thu May 9 14:20:20 PDT 2013

On 5/9/2013 23:14, Antonio Olivares wrote:
> What do you mean by ``If you pick dports, you have to relocate
> /usr/pkg to prevent dports from picking pkgsrc libraries up during a
> build or perhaps with ldconfig.'', do you mean change the directory
> name?  or move it to a different one?

I mean, type something like this "mv /usr/pkg /usr/pkg.moved"
You don't need to delete it, but usually dragonfly images come with some 
libraries and binaries preinstalled there.

  I am thinking that I should
> just use pkg and if I run
> # pkg update
> it will update all the installed packages?
> I apologize for asking, but the handbook which I have read several
> times does not give a clear cut answer :(

The freebsd handbook can be helpful:

> The good part that I am understanding is that if I use Dports (pkg)
> then I can also build from source, but not to use pkgsrc and Dports at
> the same time.


> Firefox asks that one puts sem_load="YES" into /boot/loader.conf, but
> I include that in /boot/loader.conf and I get that kernel sem not
> found at startup.  Is this important?

I've never heard of that.
dports firefox?
In any case, I think you can ignore it.


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