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John Marino dragonflybsd at
Mon May 6 10:10:40 PDT 2013

On 5/6/2013 18:58, Freddie Cash wrote:
> Clang is the default compiler for FreeBSD 10, and pkgng is the default
> package management tool as well.  Thus, all packages for FreeBSD 10 are
> built using Clang, in pkgng format.

No, not "thus".
Clang is the compiler for base and world.  There's no guarantee it works 
for all ports.  In fact, it won't build the majority of the ports that I 
maintain, so I know what you say isn't true.  You're free to provide a 
citation supporting your assertion, of course.

> Clang is available as a compiler in FreeBSD 9, and pkgng is available as
> well.  Both can be enabled via simple entries in /etc/make.conf and
> /etc/src.conf.  Anyone is free to enable them and test them.

Sure.  But that doesn't guarantee the port builds with clang (if at 
all).  The Makefile can say, "Build me with GCC from ports".

> There was a big push near the end of 2012 to get as many ports are
> possible to compile with Clang, and to add entries to port Makefiles to
> specify GCC if-and-only-if it wouldn't compile with Clang.

I'm sure this is accurate.

> IOW, FreeBSD ports are almost all buildable using Clang, and the ports
> tree will default to Clang moving forward.

Default, yes.
Every port will build with clang?  No.
Speculation on the % of ports that don't build with clang?  I'd guess 
%15 is the best case scenario right now.  I'd love to see some actual 
numbers though.  They must exist somewhere...


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