Resize HAMMER filesystem

Antonio Huete Jimenez ahuete.devel at
Thu May 2 09:24:42 PDT 2013

Hi Charles,

HAMMER supports multi-volume filesystems. This means you can add/deletet
volumes with the directives specified in HAMMER(8) manpage.
That said, I would like to point out that it has not been widely tested as
far as I know so I would be careful with it.

What are you trying to dd exactly? Another HAMMER filesystem which resides
on a smaller disk to a bigger one?

Antonio Huete

2013/5/2 Charles Rapenne <charles.rapenne at>

> Hello,
> How do you resize a HAMMER partition ? There is usually a command
> "grow_" or "resize_" to extend and sometimes shrink the filesystem,
> but I can't find it in HAMMER.
> I need to hard copy a disk with "dd", and I'd like to create the
> hammer filesystem very tiny at first, then grow it to take all the
> disk.
> Regards
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