DragonFly 3.4 released!

Ivan Uemlianin ivan at llaisdy.com
Thu May 2 07:56:07 PDT 2013

Just a quick note to say these upgrade instructions are n00b-proof 
enough for me to upgrade successfully.


   cd /usr/src

I did have to

   cd /usr
   make src-create-repo

But now I am running DragonFly 3.4!

Best wishes


On 30/04/2013 05:24, Justin Sherrill wrote:
> Version 3.4 of DragonFly is officially out.
> The release ISO/IMG files are all available at the usual mirrors:
> http://www.dragonflybsd.org/mirrors/
> The release notes have details on all the changes:
> http://www.dragonflybsd.org/release34/
> If you are planning to try the new dports system for installing
> third-party software, check the DPorts Howto page:
> http://www.dragonflybsd.org/docs/howtos/HowToDPorts/
> If you have an installed DragonFly 3.2 system and you are looking to
> upgrade, these (not directly tested) steps should work, as root:
> cd /usr/src
> git fetch origin
> git branch DragonFly_RELEASE_3_4 origin/DragonFly_RELEASE_3_4
> git checkout DragonFly_RELEASE_3_4
> ... And then go through the normal buildworld/buildkernel process
> found in /usr/src/UPDATING.  If you are running a generic kernel, that
> can be as simple as
> make buildworld && make buildkernel && make installkernel && make
> installworld && make upgrade
> (and then reboot)
> If you encounter problems, please report them at
> bugs.dragonflybsd.org.  I get better at testing for each release, but
> I also get better at discovering new problems just after release.

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