packages for 3.5 were built for 3.3 (and tahoe is up)

Pierre Abbat phma at
Mon May 27 23:24:57 PDT 2013

-bash-4.2$ kwrite tahoe.cfg &
[1] 91354
-bash-4.2$ /usr/lib/gcc44/ version CXXABI_1.3 required by 
/usr/pkg/qt4/lib/ not defined

[1]+  Exit 1                  kwrite tahoe.cfg

(By the way, if you've had trouble running Tahoe on DragonFly, the reason is 
that doesn't know about DragonFly. Edit it and tell it that 
"dragonfly3" is a kind of bsd, and it runs.)

I ran "pkg_info -BF /usr/pkg/qt4/lib/" and found that the 
package was built on 3.3. I then force-replaced the package and it didn't 
download anything, just replaced it with the same package, still built on 3.3. 
To make this work, I'll have to rebuild it from pkgsrc, which I think takes 
two days. It was either that or kdelibs.

ve ka'a ro klaji la .romas. se jmaji

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