i386 dports packages updated

John Marino dragonflybsd at marino.st
Sun May 19 15:13:54 PDT 2013

A month ago, the i386 dports packages were uploaded to the appropriate 
RELEASE directory, and the LATEST directory was simply a copy of it. 
Today I finished uploading 10,700+ packages which are rebuilds, 
replacements and new packages to the LATEST directory.  There are 19,926 
packages in this i386 repository (there would have been over 20,000 
packages built if not for the TLS flaw in the GHC Haskell compiler which 
prevents over 80 Haskell packages from building).

If your pkg tool is already pointed at LATEST, then you should be able 
to pull down the new catalog with "pkg update".  If your repository is 
set to RELEASE and you wish to access the new packages, you can update 
update the PACKAGESITE value in /usr/local/etc/pkg.conf to:


and then execute "pkg update".  To update all your packages with a 
single command, type "pkg upgrade", type "y" to confirm and watch it work.


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