Trick: How to get i386-only software via dports

Gavin Reade greadey at
Thu Jun 6 05:54:22 PDT 2013

Well here is a tricky one - i'm running i386 DFly 3.4 on a P4 (i586) - as
reported by dmesg.  Sysinfo reports an i386 proceesor, but I am using
dports right from the beginning of the install. I've had no trouble
installing dports on this machine  (not that i've gone mad but - in terms
of a desktop which is what I'm trying to achieve - everything seems Ok so
far).  All I've ever done is pkg install [whatever] and it has worked.
 Funnily enough when I first installed the OS I could not install anything
with pkgsrc since it kept complaining that the software was built for 3.3
not 3.4 (I didn't check the repository date mind you!).
Anyway as far as dports is concerned I've had no problems.

On Mon, Jun 3, 2013 at 10:19 AM, John Marino <dragonflybsd at> wrote:

> As I have previously mentioned, only ports that can be built on x86_64 are
> eligible for dports.  This eliminates i386-only ports in the FreeBSD ports
> collection.
> So there won't be any pre-built binaries, but if one is desperate for some
> of these i386-only ports, there may be a way.  I have ported "portsnap"
> which can be used to quickly install FreeBSD ports at /usr/ports.  These
> FreeBSD ports use /usr/dports/Mk so it's possible to build FreeBSD ports
> straight on DragonFly.  Here's any example of how to build i386 software
> from /usr/ports from source:
> 1) cd /usr/dports/ports-mgmt/**portsnap
> 2) make install
> 3) rehash
> 4) portsnap fetch extract
> 5) cd /usr/ports/editors/e3
> 6) make install
> 7) rehash
> 8) e3
> Not every port is going to work.  Many ports that made it into dports
> needed additional flags and/or patches, and the same may be true for the
> i386 port you attempt.  However, there's a good chance some of these ports
> build without modifications.
> Also, those interested in helping to get some ports into dports can copy
> the directories from /usr/ports to /usr/dports in order to work on the
> necessary patches to pass back to us.
> John
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