Package download statistics

Jeremy C. Reed reed at
Mon Jun 3 05:48:07 PDT 2013

On Sun, 2 Jun 2013, John Marino wrote:

> Except you can't mix these systems.

This is misleading. If pkgsrc does not work when dports is used, then it 
is a bug and should be fixed. Pkgsrc is designed to work when other 
software is installed.

And if some are already using pkgsrc (with their required packages 
already installed), why would they need to download more packages 
frequently? Comparing a short time (few months or less) with dports 
doesn't make sense when one suggests new packages to be downloaded.

Is there an audience of pkgsrc users that use pkgin?

What benefit does pkg provide over pkgin?

Also when I attended the poudiere presentation at BSDCan a couple weeks 
ago, I heard mention of ZFS requirement. I am curious if that was 
replaced with hammer equivalents?

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