raid1 recover

Dmitriy Tochansky tochansky at
Wed Jul 17 03:27:00 PDT 2013


I need some help about recover raid1. I have a raid ar0 with two disks. 
After first disk fail, I replaced it with new clean disk.
After boot I did:
# natacontrol addspare ar0 ad0
# natacontrol rebuild ar0

I type:

# natacontrol status ar0
and see raid in rebuild state. In a few seconds system hangs and I had 
to reboot it. Now I see:

# natacontrol status ar0
ar0: ATA RAID1 subdisks: DOWN ad1 status: DEGRADED

# natacontrol addspare ar0 ad0
natacontrol: ioctl(IOCATARAIDADDSPARE): Device busy

and finaly:
# natacontrol rebuild ar0
natacontrol: ioctl(IOCATARAIDREBUILD): Input/output error

Can someone point me to proper manual about how to recover failed disks 
and may be how to recover my current situation.


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