An introduction to DPorts

John Marino dragonflybsd at
Thu Jan 3 23:23:41 PST 2013

On 1/4/2013 04:44, Justin Sherrill wrote:
> I'm thinking about pkgsrc bulk builds in comparison, because we already
> have pkgsrc building machines and binary download locations that could
> also support DPorts.
> If I read your example right, there wouldn't be a DragonFly 3.4 (Latest)
> - once 3.6 is out, 3.4 wouldn't be getting updates.  That's two less
> versions to build for, at least.

You didn't read it right.
DragonFly 3.4 (Latest) will continue until DragonFly 3.8 is out.  It 
just means you use Release 3.4 to build the latest version in DPorts. 
Similarly you would use Release 3.6 and Release 3.8 to build their 
"Latest" repository using the same DPorts.  Changes from release to 
release can fix or break a build, so it doesn't do any good to build 3.4 
packages with Release 3.6.

> Did you want to have this as part of the 3.4 release?  That would
> require the DPorts equivalents of the pkgsrc packages in src/nrelease to
> all build.  We'd also have to create DPorts versions of the packages
> that make up the installer, and have a final location for package
> storage for people to use pkg and install binaries.

I need a list of those package names to know how close we are to 
achieving that first.  There's no reason nrelease couldn't be updated to 
use DPorts primarily, but I think there has to be a consensus on which 
package system is "primary", but DPorts has to import some big name 
packages first.

> None of this is necessarily news; I'm just thinking out loud of what
> this potentially entails for release.

Yes I know, it's just very early.  DPorts is really still an infant. 
Solid contributions from others can speed the process along though.


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