An introduction to DPorts

John Marino dragonflybsd at
Thu Jan 3 01:52:02 PST 2013

On 1/3/2013 03:56, Justin Sherrill wrote:
> On Wed, Jan 2, 2013 at 7:46 PM, John Marino <dragonflybsd at
> <mailto:dragonflybsd at>> wrote:
>     The long-term plan is that building from source will *not* be
>     recommended to new users.  Since theoretically every single port in
>     the repository is buildable, every single one of them should be
>     stored in an official binary repository.  The first recommendation
>     will be to install from binary.  Packages should not be missing.  I
>     am aiming for something reliable and complete.
> How is the binary repository built up?  I think you were using
> poudriere, but if so I assume it's not the same version that is
> available from the <> site.  I'd like
> to try building a large chunk of packages and testing installs/etc,
> especially to compare to the pkgsrc bulk build process.

The DragonFly version of poudriere is in ports-mgmt/poudriere in DPorts. 
  It is extremely patched and it's still in development considering what 
François and I have experienced with bulk building recently.  Regular 
FreeBSD users are beginning to leverage poudriere in interesting ways 
and I think eventually we can recommend that as well.

I would not compare poudriere to pkgsrc bulk build process.  For one, 
there's no concept of "quarterly branches" in DPorts.  Building should 
be continuous and on-demand.  The infrastructure has not been set up yet.

I am thinking about maintaining several binary repositories 
simultaneously, e.g.:

A. DragonFly Release 3.4 (Static)
    i386 version
    x86_64 version
B. DragonFly Release 3.4 (Latest versions)
    i386 version
    x86_64 version
C. DragonFly Release 3.6 (Static)
    i386 version
    x86_64 version
D. DragonFly Release 3.6 (Latest versions)
    i386 version
    x86_64 version

Then when DragonFly 3.8 is released, maintenance on the 3.4 repositories 
will cease.  So basically packages will be newly-built for up to 2 releases.

I forgot to mention last night:
DPorts will not be available for Release 3.2.x or earlier.  It requires 
3.3.x or later.  Earlier releases will be limited to pkgsrc.


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