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Wed Jan 2 19:44:46 PST 2013

Samuel's links are exactly what I would have posted.  In addition to that:

- There's a #dragonflybsd channel on EFNet, where you can talk to
developers.  There's no guarantee that someone will be there to talk about
your projects at the time you're there, but it may work out.

- Based on my experiences with the last few years of Google Summer of Code,
if you want to take a DragonFly project, make a detailed schedule.  The
first sign of trouble for a project is when it falls behind schedule, and
you want to be able to tell when that's happening as soon as possible, so
that you can correct for it.

- As part of your schedule, plan for some way of publicly updating people
on the status of your project.  Explain what it does, what decisions you
are making, what challenges you face, and so on.  Specifically for
DragonFly, it means I can link to news about work on the Digest ( and it keeps a conversation going for
when you need help, or just the simple encouragement of having other people
interested in your work.

- Those last two can apply to any project for any organization, not just
something with DragonFly.  Plan out what you're going to do, and talk about
it while you do it.  It makes a huge difference for project success.
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