An article on talks about DrafonFly's 3.2 release

Stéphane Russell srussell at
Mon Jan 7 19:16:21 PST 2013

I've just noticed an article about DragonFly's release 3.2, published
last november on The article is in written in french. It is
titled «la libellule s'envole toujours plus haut» (The dragonfly flies
ever higher). It is somewhat technical and gives a very interesting
overview of the 3.2 release:

It also reports benchmarks, an overview of DF user space, some
information about code quality and a short description of affiliated
projects like Hammer2.

It ends with some comments on the desktop, which uses an image that
surprised me, since I sended it on the present mailing list a few months
ago. The article references the associated thread which reports my
personnal experience with DragonFly's desktop.

On DragonFly's code quality, it reports this:

«Malgré son peu de ressources humaines, les développeurs de DragonFlyBSD
apportent un grand soin à la qualité du code et de la documentation.»
My translation: Despite it's very few staff, DragonFly developers are
giving a great care about code and documentation's quality.

One of the comments is titled «Les autres BSD à la traine» (other BSD's
lagging behind) says:
«Est-ce que le travail sur l'ordonnanceur de DragonflyBSD pourra être
bénéfique aux autres BSD ? FreeBSD se targue d'être utilisé dans de
grosses boîtes comme yahoo, m'enfin vu les performances, on se demande
s'ils n'en viendraient pas à regretter leur choix au moins de ce côté
des choses.»
My translation: Does the work on the DragonFly scheduler will benefit to
other BSDs? FreeBSD claims to be used in big companies like Yahoo, but
considering it's performance, one would ask if they would come to regret
their choice at least on this aspect.

Another comment says: «j'ai déjà eu affaire à NetBSD/OpenBSD, un petit
peu à FreeBSD, mais DragonflyBSD je n'y ai jamais mis les pieds, et
maintenant j'en ai vraiment envie !» (I already used NetBSD/OpenBSD, a
little FreeBSD, but never tried DragonFly, and now I really want it.

It seems their is some growing interest over DragonFly in the french
world and that it's technical aspect brings some excitement.

I'll have to upgrade my former statement about my DF desktop experience,
which they cited, from «not bat at all» to «rather well», just in case
they decide to make a sequel


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