help with finding precompiled binaries for 32/64bit and vmware player.

Roger Lawhorn rll at
Thu Feb 21 14:22:55 PST 2013


I am new to dragonfly bsd. Fear not, I am a unix (and microsoft) admin and a programmer from the 80's. Nowadays I just do unix batch, perl, and xsl.  You don't need to teach me much.

I am using vmware player 5. 64bit will not install right. 32bit installs fine so I am using it right now.
I have been recreating the pkgsrc tree from scratch.
I used meta-packages to install gnome with bmake bin-install clean and it is broken and bad.
I installed kde3 the same way and it went fine but the web browser Konquerer segfaults.

Anyway, what is dports? I noticed that pkg_add and pkg_radd don't ever find anything.
Do I need the dports tree described below?
Is there a dports for 32 bit? or maybe better instructions for making 64bit work with vmware player 5.

I want as much access to ready to install 32/64 bit binaries as I can get.
I am trying to build a home user desktop for myself.
A torrent link to a ready to go vmware image would be greatly appreciated.
If I must I will install on real hardware to get this running.
I own an msi gt660 gaming laptop with i7, usb 3.0, and nvidia gtx 285m, 6gb ram, 256gb ssd boot drive, 1tb data drive.

I love bsd because its at least ten times faster, if not more way more than that, than Linux.

Signed, Roger.

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   1. x86_64 dports binary packages available (Francois Tigeot)


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I have built a set of more than 17,000 x86_64 binary dports packages
with poudriere.

They are available from this URL:
and of course need a DragonFly-3.3 system with pkg to be used.

After adding this line to /usr/local/etc/pkg.conf

it's possible to use pkg update / pkg install etc... to install or update
packages from the repository.

The pkg(8) manpage explains nicely the different pkg commands.

A few instructions for people wanting to install pkg:

* Install dports:
  cd /usr
  Run make dports-create or make dports-download

* Install the pkg port :
  cd /usr/dports/ports-mgmt/pkg && make install
  make clean

Move /usr/pkg out of the way first; even though dports and pkgsrc packages
use different installation prefixes, mixing them can lead to various issues.

The immense majority of these packages has not been tested, use at your own
risk. Bugs can be reported to .

Francois Tigeot


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